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Civil Litigation

At some stage in their lives just about all individuals and businesses have a legal or commercial dispute with someone. Such disputes range from the simplest case of someone not paying their bill, to disputes about quality of work, to disputes between business partners, to large, complex commercial disputes, to commercial fraud cases.

Whereas we are always ready, where appropriate, to pursue formal legal proceedings through the courts, we also recognise that the courts should be a place of last, rather than first, resort. Many disputes can be resolved through effective consultation and negotiation. If both sides understand their true legal position a settlement may well be possible, giving certainty to the parties, and producing a solution that is better for all than the expense and uncertainty of litigation.

Our experienced team are happy to advise and represent on a full range of legal disputes, whether individual or corporate, big or small.

Our Solicitors offer advice and assistance on every aspect of commercial law, such as:

Terms and conditions: for the sale of goods, for the provision of services and for consultancy services.

> Commercial contracts and agreements: including distribution agreements, franchise agreements, supply chain and outsourcing agreements, agency agreements, licensing agreements, consultancy agreements with self-employed contractors and resale agreements.

> Intellectual property rights: including copyrights, trademarks, patents design registration and other intellectual property as well as licensing agreements. We will protect your right to benefit from your own intellectual property, defend you against allegations of infringement of others' rights and ensure the proper use of any protected intellectual property.

> Litigation of commercial disputes: We defend clients in ownership and partnership disputes as well as pursuing disputes with vendors, competitors, customers and other parties.

> Debt collection: actions involving customers or suppliers